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1 Billion Yahoo users are being sold for 300000$ on the internet

by Harikrishna Mekala

Recently Yahoo was hit by the Hackers and lead to the leakage of 1 Billion accounts which is said to be the largest database breach that was ever made in the history of Hacking of any company ever.

There is a new development in the Breach that the hacker sold the info in the dark web for 300,000$ according to the Andrew Komarov, CIO at Security firm InfoArmor.

It came to light that 3 different buyers, including two most known spammers, believed to be in this deal.

It is known that a company based in eastern Europe does not know whether the database is sold or being used for their own cause.

We can see that the database is still up for sale, but the price has fallen down significantly because Yahoo became public to the News.

The database consists of Full Names, Passwords, DOB and Phone Numbers of the user’s interested buyers may buy the database for 20000$ dollars as of now in the Dark Web.

Komarov also said his company obtained a copy of the Yahoo database earlier this year and got in touch with the law enforcement authorities in the United States and other countries in the European Union, Canada, and Australia.

He also stated the following

“Personal information and contacts, e-mail messages, objects of interest, calendars and travel plans are key elements for intelligence-gathering in the right hands,” Komarov was quoted as saying.

“The difference of Yahoo hack between any other hack is in that it may really destroy your privacy, and potentially have already destroyed it several years ago without your knowledge.”

Yahoo users are strongly recommended to reset their passwords and invalidate and remove the security questions from all the websites if they have been used anywhere.

If you are using the same password and email anywhere please change them immediately.

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