JPassword Recovery – A Free Tool To Crack Password Protected Archives (zip, rar, 7z)

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JPassword Recovery is a small and powerful tool that can crack any password-protected archive that can be decompressed by 7zip. It is very easy to use, but it is not as fast as the BruteForcer. This tool also has the ability to crack MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, CRC16, CRC32, CRC64 and Adler32 hashed passwords.
Note: You must install 7zip on your computer to crack the archives using this tool.

How To Use JPassword Recovery

First download JPassword Recovery (link is at the end of this article). Then extract “JPassword Recovery Tool v1.09.7z“, run the “JPassword Recovery.jar“.
Then click on “Browse for archive (.7z, .zip, .rar)” button and select the password protected archive. Then select the character set(s), and if you want to exclude any characters, type it in the “Exclude characters” box, and then set the minimum and maximum password length. Then click on  the “Start Password Recovery” button, it will start the cracking process.

Wait for completion… You will see the password in the stats box.


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