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The Cloud Platform From Google Gets Updated to Intel’s latest Xeons

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The Cloud Platform from Google is now offering services on the Intel’s latest Xeon processor, which are codenamed as Skylake.

With this move, Google claims that they are the first cloud provider to offer the Intel’s latest Xeon processor, which generally provides a better performance and is designed for analytics and other uses.

Generally, the race to offer latest processors from Intel is reserved for several server manufacturers, but as workloads move to the cloud, Google-Intel announcement highlights a new trend on the deck.

For Google, offering Skylake is a way to court industries such as healthcare and financial services that want more performance. Skylake has features that make it suited for modeling, analytics, and engineering simulations.

Google Cloud Platform is offering Skylake for all of its virtual machines.

The Google has been on news pretty much the whole week. Starting with their great and successful attempt in cracking the SHA-1 which lead Firefox to move away from the SHA-1 and also created a whole lot of fuss in the Git and Apache services which still makes use of SHA-1.

Next is the open sourcing of their latest E2E email encryption source code. Google made it open source without any strings or restrictions. This act allows the Gmail to have end-to-end encryption with just installation of an extension.

The last incident from Google in this week is the announcement of security flaws about Microsoft edge and Internet explorer publicly. Ther reason for Google announcing the details publicly is the fact that Microsoft has failed to fix the bugs reported to them by the Google with in the general time limit of 90 days. So, in order to increase the intensity and also put some pressure on the company to resolve the issue, Google has to go public.

This has been anything but great for Google, we hope to cover more news in the upcoming weeks.

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