WikiLeaks and Tech Companies Join Hands to Fix Security Flaws Exploited by CIA

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WikiLeaks will join hands with tech giants like Apple, Google and other such tech companies to fix the flaws that CIA has taken advantage of to hack computers, phones, and other such devices. Julian Assange has made this announcement and came as a reaction to the criticism brought by the public against the WikiLeaks for exposing the data trove for shock value without taking any extra step to help secure these services used by billions of people.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, during an online news conference, said that they would work with Google, Apple, and all other technology companies to fix these issues, topping the list of vulnerabilities the companies have discovered themselves among these available files.

In the same news conference, Assange has accused CIA of withholding the information about various vulnerabilities and the agency was exploiting the American technology, especially after they have realised that documents describing the flaws had been leaked some weeks ago.

Apple, Google, and the Linux Foundation are just some of the many companies which have already stepped forward and said they have fixed “most” of the vulnerabilities which the WikiLeaks documents talked about.

“There is a limited ability to try and produce the security fixes for Samsung TVs, for the iPhones, for Android phones produced by Google, for Linux, for Microsoft, because the exact technical details are not well known. We have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the additional technical details we have, so that fixes can be developed and pushed out so people can be secured,” Assange said.

This is a bit of a weird role to see Assange in, given his past statements – a defender of tech companies.

“Why has the Central Intelligence Agency not acted with speed to come together with Apple, Microsoft, and other manufacturers to defend us all from its own weapons systems,” Assange added.

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