Breach in JobLink Affects Job Seekers in 10 States

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Multi-state online service America’s JobLink (AJL), which connects the job seekers with the employers, has informed the users last week that a malicious hacker has breached the company’s systems.

The attackers exploited a vulnerability in JobLink application gain get the access to jobLink users personal information, including their names, dates of birth and the social security numbers (SSNs). According to the AJL, the attackers created an account on this platform and then exploited a “misconfiguration” to gain access to the information.

Law enforcement is notified and a forensics firm was called in to find the cause and impact of this incident. The AJL said the attackers have created an account using the application on February 20, and first signs of some suspicious activity were noticed on March 12. The vulnerability has apparently been introduced in October 2016, is patched on March 14.

The AJL has pointed out that this attack did not involve any type of malware, and it also did not affect the company’s ReportLink or the CertLink products.

The investigation showed that the attacker accessed information on users in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Idaho, Maine, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Vermont. These states use the JobLink service to coordinate federal unemployment and workforce development programs.

Individuals who created accounts before March 14 could be affected and AJL has promised to send out email notifications to individuals whose accounts have been breached within 5-10 business days. Affected users may also be eligible for credit monitoring services.

An investigation has also been launched by the Department of Labor in the affected states, and each state has published information about the breach on its official website. More than 250,000 users could be affected in Delaware, 170,000 accounts may have been compromised in Idaho, while Vermont said the breach could impact up to 180,000 accounts.


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