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Do you really need to shutdown your computer at night

by Harikrishna Mekala

This tale goes all the way back to the initial days of the computer. Back then, computer parts, particularly hard drive, wore out much quicker than they do today. So, the plans was that to make your computers last longer, you should always shut it down at nighttime. Many people still cling to that concepts.

Of course, the new computer has more-robust part, which suggests you can let them run with little to no problems. Whether you shut down your machines nightly now just come down to personal preferences. If you want your machine to do things like back up, updates or another intense task, you can schedule them at nights while you are not using your systems.

If you’re concerned about saving energy, turn it off. Or you can use one of your computers have many power-saving modes, which are more suitable for getting it going again in the morning.

If you’re computer slow down to a crawl, often a reboot brings it back to standard. By the way, if your Internet connections are slower than usual, try setting off both your modems and router for 60-second. This normally works to speed things up.

  • Fewer temporary system issues – Those who keep their machine booted up regularly are familiar with the little problem that crop up when a machine is in use for a long time. Strange little problems occur and they’re often solved by a reboot. If you’re actually rebooting every day, you’re giving your computers a fresh start. This helps avoid minor system issue.
  • Quiet hours – When your computers are running, it’s capable of making noises. The characters of the fans can be bothersome if you’re sleeping in the same rooms, but you also run the risk of the computer performing an alert or another sound unexpectedly. This is simply rectified by muting your sound every night, but you run the risk of ignoring. Of course, you can automate that process on Windows and OS X pretty easily.
  • A longer-lasting machine – While you can never actually know when your machines are going to fail, less stress placed on its element will contribute to longer lives. You still have to keep it clean, dust-free, and well-maintained, but fewer projects can help your hardware last longer.

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