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What is the deep Web?

by Unallocated Author

Did you know that there’s a huge part of the internet that you can’t find simply by Googling it?
In fact, search engines can only account for about 10 % of the total internet. What is the other 90 % that’s out there?  That’s what’s known as the Deep Web.
Deep Web, also known as Deepnet or the Invisible Web, the definition is quite simple, it’s the stuff on the internet that for some reasons cannot be indexed and cannot be reached by traditional search engines. It’s just any page that you simply can’t reach to without having the actual URL and the permissions to access it.

When you look for something on Google, you are actually searching an index as much of the internet as Google has been able to find. Search engines use web crawler software sometimes known as spiders to find and index web pages. They start by finding a few pages at first, then they follow links on those web pages to other web pages and so on until they have a heavy catalogue of the internet. However, there are somethings that those spiders simply can’t reach, this is the Deep Web.

There are a small subsection anonymous networks in the deep web known as the Dark Net and it uses free services such as TOR to browse the web and host websites anonymously. They also provide services that run on the internet but can only be reached through the private network, some of the services have included internet black markets such as silk road where users have to access to drugs, weapons and even assassins.

Also, Dark Web sites go down from time to time, due to their dark nature. But if you want good service, stay out of the dark!

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