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Net Neutrality is dead if we stay silent Commissioner FCC

by Harikrishna Mekala

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn urged the public to continuing voicing their supports for a free and open internet.

“Net neutrality is doomed if we’re silent,” are the exact words said by her.

Many have questioned the future of net neutrality under Trump-appointed FCC Chairmans Ajit Pai. The Republican-controlled commission has made its intention known to strip away regulations surrounding net neutrality and privacy that were put in places by former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. In March, President Trump signed an order rescinding the Broadband Privacy rules, allowing ISPs to sell consumer browsing data.

Clyburn has been one of the most vocal supporter of consumer privacy protection and the open internet at the FCC. The best way to make a differences on these issues is to make your voice heard, Clyburn belief.

The commissioner claimed that over millions of people had reached out offering opinions on how the FCC should acts; she also noted that researchers have suggested that 96% of those who have weighed in have done so in favor of an open internet.

“[The internet] is the most enabling platform of our times,” she said. “The only way to defend something is to weigh in.”

Net neutrality isn’t the only topic on the commissioner mind. Clyburn also took the time to discuss at length her efforts to improves the affordability of inmate communications solution at private prisons and highlights the lack of protection available for families trying to get in touch with inmates. Expensive video calls solutions from companies the space are “disrupting families and life,” Clyburn says.

Clyburn, who was appointed to the FCC by Obama’s in 2013, will be wrapping up her term as commissioners this year. She wouldn’t offer too many details in terms of what’s next but did say she planned to continue speaking up for the issues she fought for at the FCC.

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