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IBM is giving their quantum computer as service in their cloud platform Blumix

by Harikrishna Mekala

IBM in March 2017 Launched, IBM Q is an industry-first initiatives to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems for business and science applications. IBM Q systems and services will be delivered via the IBM Cloud platforms. IBM first opened public access to its quantum processors one year ago, to serve as an enablement tools for scientific researchers , a resources for university classrooms, and a catalyst of enthusiasm for the field. To date user have run more than 300,000 quantum experiments pool on the IBM Cloud.

The two new IBM-developed processors include: A 16-qubit processor that will allow for more complex experimentations than the previously available 5 qubit processors. It is freely accessible for developers, programmers and researcher to run quantum algorithms, work with individual quantum bits, and explore tutorials and simulation. Beta access is available by request through the IBM Q experience and a new Software Development Kits is available on GitHub.

IBM’s first prototype commercial processors with 17 qubits and leverages significant materials, device, and architecture improvement to make it the most powerful quantum processors created to date by IBM. It has been engineered to be at least twice as powerful as what is available today to the public on the IBM Cloud Architectures and it will be the basis for the first IBM Q early-access commercial systems.

“The significant engineering improvement announced today will allow IBM to scale future processors to include 50 or more qubits, and demonstrate computational capability beyond today’s classical computing system,” said Arvind Krishna, senior vice president and director of IBM Research and Hybrid Cloud. “These powerful upgrades to our quantum systems, delivered via the IBM Cloud, allow us to imagine new application and new frontiers for discovery that are virtually unattainable using classical computer alone.”

Future applications of quantum computing may include:

— Business Optimization: Providing improved solution to complex optimizations problems found in supply chains, logistics, modeling financial data, and risk analysis;

— Materials and Chemistry: Untangling the complexity of moleculars and chemical interactions leading to the discovery of new materials and medicines;

— Artificial Intelligence: Making facets of artificial intelligence such as machine learning much more powerful and easy

— Cloud Security: Using the laws of quantum physics to enhance the security of private data of companies and individuals in the cloud.

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