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Who Will The Dark Overlord’s Next Target Be?

by Unallocated Author

If you haven’t heard of The Dark Overlord by now, you probably don’t get on the internet much. Although they’ve been scavenging online for the last several years as a infamous hacker group, TDO just recently made a name for themselves by leaking the first ten episodes of the TV show Orange Is the New Black.

In the beginning, they demanded that Netflix pay them to prevent the release of the TV show. Obviously that didn’t go as planned. Not even 24 hours later, the first ten episodes were uploaded to a torrenting website called ThePirateBay.

Before this internet-famous occurrence, the hacker group The Dark Overlord was barely heard of. If you did research on them, you would find several reports of banks, medical offices, and nondescript businesses airing their personal attack stories by TDO. This leaves many people wondering why…

If you think about it, the answer is obviously money. In every single story about TDO found online –amongst pools and pools of confusing attacks that don’t add up – there is nearly always one thing that the victims share in common: the demanded ransom (that is almost never paid).

During TDO’s fifteen minutes of fame, they made an announcement claiming to have accessed and stolen dozens of other popular TV shows. Their Twitter account released a statement earlier this month saying,

“Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT, GEO, and ABC. Oh, what fun we’re all going to have. We’re not playing games anymore. It’s nearly time to play another round.”

While they definitely have the spooky threats down, a little research shows TV stations are not the only targets on their list. Aesthetic Dentistry and OC Gastrocare, two other victims of TDO, failed to pay the demanded ransom resulting in 180,000 patient records being exposed. So the question is: who is their next target?

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