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All of the Fortune 500 Companies Are Listed on OWL Cybersecurity’s Darknet Index

by Unallocated Author

A recent report by OWL Cybersecurity was made public, connecting every Fortune 500 company to the dark web. Some companies are higher on the list than others. Not a single one is free from overall exposure. The dark web is home to more than just criminals. Tech geeks, cyber security researchers, ethical hackers, and even the most curious of the general public find themselves downloading Tor at one point.

On the other hand, when products or information are stolen or jeopardized you can count on finding them on the dark web. Sometimes the information will pop up on private forums. Other times, hackers and criminals will offer illegal products and information for a price. For example, AlphaBay is one of the more well-known black markets on the dark web. The “darknet index” released by OWL Cybersecurity ranks each company based on their records exposure on the dark web.

In other words: the higher the number, the more vulnerable the company.

Mark Turnage, CEO of OWL Cybersecurity, publicly states,

“Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to comprehensively measure a company’s presence on the darknet. Using our proprietary database of darknet content, combined with our hackishness algorithm, we are able to provide companies with customized Darknet Index scores that allow them to measure the efficiency of their cybersecurity efforts over time, and how they compare to other companies in similar industries.”

Reviewing the top ten companies with the most exposure on the dark web is an eye-opener. Every single company listed has access to thousands of personal records. The ten companies with the top exposure on the dark web are as follows:

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Apple
  4. Facebook
  5. eBay
  6. American Express
  7. Frontier Communications
  8. Netflix
  9. Texas Instruments
  10. FedEx

The internet is not a safe place. It’s clear that these companies need to up their cyber security game or they risk greater exposure.

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