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2016 Munich Mass Shooting Linked to Dark Web Gun Purchase

by Unallocated Author

July 22, 2016 was a rough day for everybody. A tragedy struck in Munich, Germany involving the murder of 9 individuals and the injury of 36 others. Taking place at a McDonald’s (of all possibilities), an eighteen-year-old German gunman by the name of David Sonboly scouted out the fast food restaurant and then opened fire.

The official Wikipedia page on the event explains,

“Following initial reports of shots being fired, some 2,300 officers were deployed throughout Munich from the greater area and surrounding states. A manhunt was soon initiated. Munich police urged residents not to leave their homes until further notice. The special operations police unit GSG 9 was deployed.

Other regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were asked to assist in the investigation. A backpack was found apparently matching the one carried by the gunman at McDonald’s. Police reportedly used a robot to investigate it, and a total of 300 rounds were found inside. Police officials warned of “an acute terror situation” and initially thought that there were up to three attackers, but later confirmed that there was only one gunman.”

Just recently, on June 8th, a 30-year-old man was arrested. His charges stem from administrating a dark net website that offers unregistered firearms to any individual interested. This website was linked back to the 2016 Munich shooting, where it was proven that the gunman had purchased his weapon from the website in question.

This situation is dangerous on 100+ levels. For starters, the fact that any random psychopath can go out and buy a gun illegally is terrifying. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination in regards to the recent shootings. In the last several years, the rate of kids finding access to firearms is alarming.

Operating or purchasing from a dark net website doesn’t seem so bad at first. Online users are thrilled at the possibility of ordering illegal things that are otherwise impossible to obtain. The real thing to consider is . . . what happens when it’s your family member on the other end an illegally purchased gun?

What if it’s you?

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