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National Flight Academy to Implement Cybersecurity Camp for Pensacola Children

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Giving children the opportunity to learn about cybersecurity is beneficial for a million different reasons. For starters, the younger you teach them the more (and faster) they learn.

While most kids will go to camp for kayaking, cheerleading, or basketball, the kids local to Pensacola have the chance to do something a little different.

Spending three days inside a room filled with computers doesn’t seem like the ideal summer vacation, but for some it is a godsend. During the camp, attendees will have the opportunity to learn coding, encryption, and defense to hacking attempts.

Organized by the National Flight Academy, the camp is set to take off in July. According to the designers of the three-day event, the entire idea revolves around introducing cybersecurity into the minds of the attending individuals.

By teaching these kids the basics of programming and encryption, they’re more likely to find security and solace online in the future.

The kids of this generation are going to be the future of the internet regardless of the knowledge they possess. The National Flight Academy has the right idea. By introducing this information early on, the kids have a better chance at developing the knowledge throughout their lives, when applicable.

When asked about the program, the cybersecurity director explained,

“We are teaching them good cyber defense skills, how to protect their own information and how to identify phishing scams.”

Although this specific camp is only open for students in 10th-12th grade, there are several other camps – including one for teachers.

Consider attending:

National Flight Academy Cybersecurity Camp

  • July 17-19
  • 10th-12th grade – 399$ will cover meals, room and board – Registration closes Friday before the event
  • Link

UWF GenCyber Camp

  • July 18-22
  • 10th-12th grade – free – submit an application and you’ll be notified of your acceptance/denial
  • Link

UWF GenCyber Teachers Camp

  • August 1st
  • High school teachers
  • Free – register to attend
  • Link

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