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Hackers used NSA’s exploit to Infect users’ computers and mine Cryptocurrency

by Harikrishna Mekala

Blackhat Hackers have developed Windows Malware that takes advantage of the recently disclosed NSA Hacking Tool by installing the Malware and making your computer a cryptocurrency miner.The Malware came to be known as the Trojan.BitMine.1259 which was spotted last week by Russian antivirus Developer Dr.Web.

They published in the report saying that NSA implant uses DOUBLEPULSAR to attack the Windows Machines that still run on unsecured SMB Services which helps the attackers to execute the malicious code on compromised Windows Machines.

The intentions of the DOUBLEPULSAR malware is to make your PC into a CryptoCurrency Miner.The Malware is designed to check the System Resources available for it to execute. Experts are saying that it’s a combination of various packages such as GhostRAT which is used to communicate with its C&C server and monitor the local system in Layman’s Terms it will shutdown itself whenever you use the task manager.

To attack a large group of Nodes the Malware developed for X86 and AMD64 architecture and use different instruction set based on the resources available in the computer. They used this malware to mine Monero, a new cryptocurrency which may be considered a standard currency in the future. EternalMiner, A Miner that mines Monero on Linux Servers which was detected last week attacking servers via SambaCry Vulnerability.

While Many People are involved in the DOUBLEPULSAR with WannaCry ransomware outbreak which was used as a Recursing SMB Worm also deployed in other Malware Campaign before.

The Hackers have infected up to 100,000 Computers when the Shadow Brokers released the Malware Online.

Previous Week, Founder of Shodan John Matherly said that the number of infected PC’s has gone down for more than 16,000 Window Machines.He summarizes that the malware didn’t affect the systems of users who updated their systems.

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