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Two Arrested in Jumilla for Fraudulent Mobile Scams

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Earlier this month, two Guinean suspects were arrested in relation to a fraudulent mobile scamming network. It’s not uncommon to find fraudulent scams revolving around technology.

It’s also not uncommon to uncover a scamming network built with very close attention to detail. This operation, dubbed “Operation Darkweb” by authorities, is no exception to complexity and creativity in illegal practices.

The Jumilla media discusses the different levels that went into fraudulent attacks, beginning with the arrest of the Guinean suspects. The aftermath of the investigation pulled up a large variety of documents that were going to be used for future fraudulent means.

Along with the documents found, a personal computer was also confiscated. After gutting the device, authorities found more information including names, surnames, ID numbers, postal addresses, and even bank details.

One of Jumilla’s news websites discusses the different levels of operation in more depth,

“In the first instance there was a group of people in charge of obtaining person information that would ultimately be the victims. In a second level people appear to be in charge of selling false documents or providing the necessary elements for their elaboration.

The third and last level are the “mules”, people who are ordered to travel to different parts of the Spanish geography to the effect of removing the terminals fraudulently acquired from post offices, using the documentation made to use.”

After further investigation, authorities pinned down the network to different Spain locations – Valencia, Chiva, Quartell, Majadahonda, Alcorcon, Jumilla Murica and the like. The fate of the men arrested is still up in the air, though it obviously won’t end well.

“Those arrested – men, of Guinean nationality, aged 26 and 35, and residents of Valencia -, the effects seized and the measures taken have been made available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 1 of Jumilla.”

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