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The Five Eyes wants a Strong Encryption for its citizens

by Harikrishna Mekala

While the difficulties of modern-day security are real, such proposals threaten the uprightness and security of general purpose interfaces tools relied upon by international commerce, the free press, politics, human rights advocates, and individuals throughout the world,” the statement said.

“Last year, many of us participated several hundred leading civil society groups, companies, and prominent individuals asking on world leaders to protect the development of strong cryptography.

“This protection requires an unequivocal denial of laws, policies, or other mandates or practices covering secret agreements with companies that limit access to or weaken encryption and other secure communications instruments and technologies.

“Today, we repeat that call with renewed urgency. We ask you to preserve the security of your citizens, your economies, and your sovereignty by promoting the development and use of secure connections tools and technologies, by denying policies that would prevent or weaken the use of strong encryption, and by urging other world heads to do the same.”

The group announced that efforts to create backdoors in encrypted applications or software denoted short-sighted and counter-productive.

They said that if where were restrictions to access of encryption outcomes in Five Eyes countries, anybody who needed such tools would get them in other countries or on the black market.

“We urge you, as heads in the global community, to recognize that encryption is a crucial tool for general use. It is neither the problem nor the enabler of crime or terrorism. As a technology, encryption makes far more good than harm,” the statement said.

“We, therefore ask Y’all to prioritize the protection and security of individuals by working to increase the integrity of communications and systems. As a primary step, we ask that you continue any obligation on this topic in a multi-stakeholder forum that encourages public participation and affirms the protection of human rights.”

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