Artificial Intelligence needs to be stopped before it’s too late, says Elon Musk

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Artificial Intelligence, and the speculation of software and computers taking over their human inventors.

Elon Musk has been reminding people about AI for years, and now called it the “biggest risk we bear as a culture” when he addressed at the National Governors Organization Summer Conference in Rhode Island.

Musk then requested on the state to proactively control artificial intelligence before anything progress too far.

“Until people see humanoids running down the street murdering people, they don’t understand how to react because it looks so ethereal,” he said. “AI is an exceptional case where I think we need to be proactive in regulation rather of reactive. Because I believe by the period we are reactive in AI regulation, it’s too late.”

“Normally the way controls are set up is a totally new bunch of bad stuff is going happen, there’s a public complaint, and after several years a regulatory agency is set up to control that industry,” he continued. “It feels forever. That, in the history, has been bad but not something which drew a fundamental risk to the survival of civilization. AI is a major risk to the survival of human civilization.”

Musk has been worried about AI for years, and he’s running on technology that would relate the human brain to the computer software meant to simulate it.

Musk has also said that his desire to settle Mars is, in part, a backup plan for if AI takes over on Earth. But even though he’s received those concerns in the past, they hit their mark now in front of America’s governors, with many governors asking Musk follow up issues about how he would justify controlling an industry that is so new and, at the time, primarily posing hypothetical threats.

“The first order of concern would be to try to study as much as possible, to know the nature of the problems,” he said, summoning the recent success of AI in beating people at the game Go, which was once speculated to be nearly impossible.

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