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Online Black Market, Hansa, Bans Fentanyl After Overdoses

by Unallocated Author

Hansa Market seems to be one of the GO-TO online black markets after the abrupt downfall of AlphaBay.

Similar to basically every other illegal marketplace you’ve probably seen, Hansa didn’t have a reason to be singled out – until just recently, when they banned the sale of fentanyl.

Dozens of cases are creeping up involving fentanyl. Unfortunately, most of those cases involve overdoses. The powerful synthetic opioid is too dangerous for consumption, and even the vendors are starting to realize that.

After the popular rumor that AlphaBay has been seized by law enforcement, it didn’t take a genius to connect the largest black market in history to the fentanyl overdose epidemic hitting the streets.

Many users speculate that this is one of the biggest reasons behind AB’s collapse.

Although Hansa Market decided to “wise up” shortly after that, the vendors and consumers are now going back and forth on whether the decision really was in their best interest.

One side of the spectrum types,

“Fentanyl ruins lives. Literally ruins lives. I think people can be successful without ruining someone’s life. Call me soft, but I don’t think there’s any room for that here.”

Another user on the opposite side writes,

“I know you’re coming from a humanitarian place in your desire for this wish. I’m just an anarcho-capitalist to the core. Free markets all day. Free markets will always work themselves out.”

In the end, it’s clear that this decision is a step in the right direction. If you can’t put an end to the war on drugs, at the very least you can compromise.

If other black markets follow in Hansa’s footsteps, the amount of overdoses on fentanyl will surely decrease. In the meantime, if you order off the dark web or you’re thinking about ordering off the dark web . . . reconsider.

Sometimes the risk is just not worth it.

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