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FCC just got sued again for not disclosing the details of the DDOS attack

by Harikrishna Mekala

FCC lately being prosecuted for its collapse to transparently reveal its discussions with necessary ISPs, Ajit Pai’s FCC is also presently facing a another trial over the agency’s alleged DDOS attack, which the FCC declared disabled the agency’s website on a corresponding evening that entertainer John Oliver hit the agency’s attack on net neutrality, asking spectators to speak their mind via the agency’s commentary website. Security authorities and journalists question the FCC’s case and believe the FCC is involved in a somewhat odd and clumsy cover up.

Why would the FCC lie regarding a DDOS attack? Many critics and reporters believe Ajit Pai’s FCC may have required downplaying the massive resistance to its plan to gut net neutrality protections. But when Senators and others concerned about the honesty of the FCC website prompted the agency for comment, they were reluctant to back their claims.Now, journalist, Kevin Collier has sued the bureau in the beliefs of forcing its support on its dubious claims:

Collier said his records inquiry was prompted by the FCC’s “weird and cagey” list to hide details about the event. “The case that they gave Gizmodo such a diversion in its own request for internal ‘analysis’ of the offense just goes to show this,” he said. “I want to know the full story.”

The discussion over the DDOS attack that didn’t happen as the FCC is also supporting fire for turning a blind eye to explain fraud at the FCC website, where millions of bogus comments have been filed in artificial help for Ajit Pai’s plan to kill net neutrality.
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