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Companies like YouTube, Facebook and Government are trying to censor the Internet

by Harikrishna Mekala

The trend moving limitations is picking up steam, with an association of Big Government-linked tech firms and associate Big Business going hard to suppress free speech online. For almost a year, giants such as Youtube were forbidding advertising on traditional and liberty-oriented channels, all but breaking budding commentators hoping to make a business out of it. And already, mainstream voices such as past Congressman Ron Paul have had some of their videos “demonetized,” as the frequently Orwellian video site calls it. Every day, the net gets farther and the targets more various. Google and Facebook have both been shown censoring the alternative media, and especially traditional media. And the chief of Facebook has grown increasingly brazen in his political activism on the support of mass immigration, big government, and other “progressive” causes.

After Charlottesville, it got worse, fast. The parts of conservatives, libertarians, truth seekers, constitutionalists, patriots, and others being prevented, censored, demonetized, and more is nearly impossible to count at this point. On August 30, as just one instance among many, Shane Trejo at The Liberty Conservative stated that Google sent a letter threatening the website that unless a distinct article is removed, all of its ad revenue opportunities would be lost. “This is the newest way that Big Brother is using to enforce thought control,” Trejo explained. While the report itself admitted nothing offensive, it was targeted by Google for having been recorded by a so-called “unperson” who reportedly worked some role in making the demonstrations in Charlottesville, which included some racialists and provocateurs. The same website had earlier been censored by Facebook over a post supporting Congressman Ron Paul from a smear.

The risk is obvious, he said. “An extraordinarily dangerous example is obviously being set here, and if you think that it won’t affect you directly at some point, think again,” advanced Trejo. “We look ahead to the day where rival ad programs who respect the rational freedom of their customers can out-compete Google, but those days have not come yet. These tech businesses have us all by the short hairs, and post-Charlottesville, they are all operating in unison to enforce the Orwellian nightmare. Nobody is safe.” Really, even “mainstream conservative provocateurs” such as Lauren Southern and Paul Joseph Watson with massive audiences are being targeted, he added.

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