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One of the terrifying malware programs “Your Windows has Been Banned” has returned

by Harikrishna Mekala

Previously, it was recognized in 2016 when it cheated victims by giving out information that their MS Windows connection was halted for breaking the terms and conditions of Microsoft and Windows. Back in 2016, the ransom note asked victims to make a call to the professional support number of Microsoft, but this number really routed them to individual marketing irrelevant and useless services, while the asked payment was US$99.99 for new Windows license.

The malware’s another installment tries to trick users of Windows OS with an another technique where a message Your Windows Has Been Banned resembles on the computer’s lock screen when the PC is booted, and then the enemy gives victim two options:

1) Buy new key for Windows for $50

2) Delete entire data and render the PC unusable for future use

According to the Merkle The attack tool shows that novice PC users are the key targets of attackers because only beginners would fall prey to such a trick given the amateurish approach given to the malware, which matches pretty obvious with the second information statement where the enemy talks about deleting all the data and rendering the machine unusable for future use. Naturally, a corporation like Microsoft would never require payment in cryptocurrency nor would it recommend making the PC unusable.

In the past two years, internet scams like this one have constantly evolved, and users are terrified to pay as they are uncertain whether the malware previously has been installed on their computers or not. So what should a user do in such a situation?

To make sure, customers must make malware check and scan the computer for infections and viruses, and it is also a good idea to reach the customer care section of the organization the name of which was used in the scam message.

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