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Basic Characteristics of JavaScript

by Unallocated Author

JavaScript is an easy language intended to be interpreted at runtime. It has vaguely C-formed syntax (save for pointer arithmetic); a straightforward classless object model, said to be inspired by a little-known programming language named Self; automatic garbage collection; and weak, dynamic typing.

JavaScript as such has no built-in I/O mechanisms. In the browser, poor abilities to communicate with the host environment are offered through a set of predefined methods and properties that map to native code inside the browser, but unlike what can be viewed in many other programming languages, these interfaces are fairly limited and purpose built.

JavaScript is a client-side technology, it is essentially used for provides client-side validation, but it has a lot of features which are given below:

– JavaScript is an object-based scripting language.
– JavaScript gives the user enhanced control over the browser.
– It Identifying the user’s browser and operating system.
– It’s a scripting language and it is not java.
– JavaScript is an interpreter based scripting language.
– JavaScript is case sensitive.
– It’s object-based language as it gives predefined objects.
– Every statement in javascript must be ended with a semicolon (;).
– Most of the javascript control statements syntax is same as the syntax of control statements in C language.
– A significant part of JavaScript is the ability to generate new functions within scripts. Declare a function in JavaScript using function keyword.

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