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CloudFlare offers DDoS protection for users without additional costs

by Unallocated Author

CloudFlare operates one of the largest networks in the world. One of their important services is DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) mitigation. According to them, they deflect a new DDoS attack every 3 minutes, they do that with over fifteen terabits per second of DDoS mitigation capacity.

That means that if some hackers attempt to take your website down by blasting it with traffic – Cloudflare will continue to keep it online, and won’t boot you off the network as it earlier would in order to protect other customers, regardless of the volume of the attack.

Earlier, having your website DDoSed not only meant that you would have to figure out how to restore it back online again, but you would also have to work with high costs for the traffic that took your site down in the initial place.

According to the company:
“So today, on the first day of our Birthday Week celebration, we make it official for all our customers: Cloudflare will no longer terminate customers, regardless of the size of the DDoS attacks they receive, regardless of the plan level they use”

CloudFlare said that it will offer its Unmetered mitigation of DDoS for layer 3 and 4 attacks to all its users, including users on its free plan and the protection for layer 7 attacks are available for the Pro plan (which starts at $20 a month).

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