Alphabay Owner’s Assets Seized by Thai Royal Police

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Canadian citizen Alexandre Cazes was caught and charged with various crimes relating to the owning and operating of Alphabay on the Deep Web. Noted as being the largest and most productive drug marketplaces on the Deep Web, Alphabay even managed to supersede it’s similar predecessor, The Silk Road, but to no avail.

Cazes moved from Canada to Thailand due to his growing attitude on the feminism explosion in North America and his need to find a wife unlike the women available in Canada. From there, in 2014, Cazes created Alphabay to turn a profit via the Deep Web.

Alphabay had more than 200k users and was more productive than any other drug and weapons marketplace on the Darknet, which certainly gained the attention of Darknet cyber security watch groups. In turn, these cyber security watch groups were able to pass on their collective data to authorities, which led to Alexandre Cazes being arrested.

Cazes apparently had a huge ego and a major fetish for anything that would attract the opposite sex including expensive sports cars and other materialistic items. His greed is definitely what led to him being targeted by several law enforcement entities.

It wasn’t very surprising when it was announced that Cazes committed suicide not long after his initial arrest while in police custody, although his Canadian parents are currently in denial about the situation.

Alexandre Cazes assets that were seized by Thai authorities amounted to more than $21M in American currency and included both physical items and cryptocurrency. Officially, he was charged with identity theft, racketeering, money laundering, and conspiracy among others.

The shutting down of Alphabay on July 5th 2017 is considered a significant hit to the illegal operations that take place on the Deep Web. Websites like this only further the impact drugs have on our society and the citizens within it. Stopping them is impossible but by utilizing the “one step at a time” golden rule, we can take back control of the world we live in.


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