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Dead People are supporting FCC’s Anti – Net Neutrality Policy

by Harikrishna Mekala

Earlier this time, some reporters noticed that some of the heaviest fans of the FCC’s myopic attack on net neutrality appear to be dead.

“As the war ended the fate of America’s free and open internet lumbers on, it seems that opponents of net neutrality will do anything in their control to turn control of the internet over to massive telecom companies including doing fraud. As detailed in a letter sent to the FCC Thursday time, people are pissed that their particular information was used without their knowledge to post anti-net neutrality comments to the FCC’s website, which comprises at least two people who are recently departed.

Others have since proceeded to dig through the stars used to support Ajit Pai’s attack on net neutrality and continue to find that many of them had nevermore encouraged the FCC website, had no idea what net neutrality is or were no longer resting. Like John Skalski of Sharpsburg, Georgia who back in May purportedly presented this explanation to the FCC comment proceeding. Note its content is changed from the bot-generated comments that had been methodically offered already.

“However, if you go to his house on 11 Tee Pee Row, you will, unfortunately, speak to a kind person who will tell you that John has been given away since 2016 and no one else there has the same name. Unfortunately, that is a fake public criticism. I found Mr. Skalski’s obituary later.

This is where we’ll warn you that the FCC has shown no concern whatsoever in investigating any of this. Similarly, when I reached the agency to tell them someone else had signed a fraudulent comment in my name holding the attack on net neutrality, I was told there was really nothing that could be done. Coupled with the agency’s apparently manufactured DDoS attack, there’s more than a few notices that the agency is eager to malign the honor of the public feedback period in order to try and downplay the huge public backlash to its contribution to the telecom industry.

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