Operation Denial Continues to be Successful Against Fentanyl Criminals

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Overdoses on fentanyl in North Dakota has pushed authorities to the limit on the matter. Law enforcement has taken action due to the high amount of fentanyl related overdoses by organizing “Operation Denial” to combat the problem. The operation has been immensely successful and has stretched across the globe.

So far, the U.S. Department of Justice has handed down indictments related to fentanyl distribution on the Dark Web to 10 people so far. These suspects were located in China, Canada and the United States. 3 American citizens were found to be distributing the drug on a local level, mainly throughout Oregon and North Dakota.

They were connected to several overdose cases and essentially caused authorities to begin their initial investigation that led to Operation Denial becoming a reality. Once authorities pinpointed the Americans and their trafficking crimes, they were led to discover 5 citizens from Canada who were then connected to 2 China men.

The two men from China are believed to be at the root of the fentanyl distribution and are facing their own problems. The U.S. continues to work with Chinese government on the matter as extradition is not a sure thing unless China agrees to do so. Canadian authorities sentenced a man by the name of Jason Berry in 2014 to 5 years in prison for fentanyl distribution.

The following year they also arrested and convicted Daniel Ceron on similar charges where he became involved with fellow inmate Jason Berry. The pair were somehow able to continue distributing fentanyl while incarcerated in the Drummond Institution near Montreal, Canada.

Authorities caught onto their activities and discovered the pair had even kept logs of their illicit activities. Authorities are now pursuing new charges on the pair as Operation Denial remains active and continues to bring fentanyl dealing criminals to justice.


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