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FCC’s plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality has concerned Justin Trudeau

by Harikrishna Mekala

“I am very concerned about the strikes on net neutrality,” Trudeau said in Toronto on Wednesday, in answer to a question from Journalists about Trump’s plans. “Net neutrality is something that is necessary for small businesses, for consumers, and it is necessary to keep the freedom connected with the internet alive.”

Journalists asked exactly what Trudeau planned to do in answer to the plan put forward on Tuesday by the Federal Communications Commission, which could pave the way for tiered internet service and pay-for-play bonus access to internet consumers.

“We need to maintain to defend net neutrality,” Trudeau added. “And I will.”

Under the FCC’s plan, which would roll back neutrality rules that were completed by the previous two administrations, organizations would have new freedoms to charge more for higher internet speeds and could block or slow traffic to certain sites or services.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Trump appointee, lauded the plan as a win for the free web, saying in his description: “The federal government will stop micromanaging the Internet.” Critics, including an array of online media businesses, say it will do the exact opposite.

Trudeau wouldn’t say specifically about whether he would send the message to Trump directly.

“We are just occupying the position the president has taken and looked at the impact it’s going to have in the United States and in Canada,” Trudeau said.

The changes considered by the FCC could fundamentally alter how the internet parties, impacting not just customers and businesses in the United States, but also in Canada and abroad.

If American telecommunications fellowships begin charging websites to access the fast lane a faster tier of internet service that would help only those able to pay more companies from around the world could have to pay in form to access the valuable American market.

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