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Cybersecurity Recruitment Needs Improvement – (ISC)2 Report!

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Security professionals were made to go through a global survey which was conducted by (ISC)2. The said survey was able to reveal that only 14% of the total people that apply for cybersecurity jobs are actually looking for a job.

Furthermore, 84% are in a struggle to move to new positions in a year or two. And 46% are of the view that recruiters contact them on a weekly basis and around 18% claim to get calls from the concerned departments even though they have not applied anywhere and are not looking for an employment opportunity. Nearly 40% of the people who are genuinely on a job hunt get regular pings from the recruiters.

On an average, one in every five pros gets a minimum of one call or an email by a recruiter each day, and as found by this survey, most of these workers have 3 – 10 years of experience. The (ISC)2 survey found that most of these workers have three- to 10 years’ experience. Also, C-level executives make up nearly one-fourth of those who get multiple recruiter contacts per day.

Meanwhile, the salary was not found to be the top-ranked requirement reason for taking up a job. About 68% were of the view that they would prefer a position where their opinion is valued; 54% claimed that their present jobs fit that bill.

Around 62% said they are passionate about getting a job where they can serve to protect people and their data. Furthermore, 58% said that their current jobs provide them with such an opportunity. The rankings also talked about working at a place with a “code of ethics.” The result showed 54% share that their organization satisfied that requirement.

Nearly 50% when on to say they wanted the “best salary,” and 39% said they’re satisfied with what they are currently being paid.

There seems, according to the results, to be a lack of consistency among companies’ descriptions, criterion, and names of various job designations in cybersecurity because as a professional, one must be a little more standardized towards these positions.


Source: DarkReading

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