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US spy chiefs seek UK’s guidance in the battle of cyber-security

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American spymasters are now very much concerned over the susceptibility of US-based companies to cyber-attack and are seeking help and guidance from the UK to enhance protection in the face of growing danger and threat of the hostile state hackers.
An intelligence official from the US told the Financial Times that US intelligence is braced for the cyber-security threat to “get worse,” making the US resemble a city at the bottom of a dam that is developing cracks at a rapid pace.

Rick Ledgett (former deputy director of NSA) was of the opinion that Us must follow the UK model and he considered the problem so big and unattended that he feared that something horrible might have to happen to draw attention to the issue and have it solved.

One of the solutions being considered by US intelligence officials is to imitate the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre which is the public-facing division of UK’s digital eavesdropping agency GCHQ.
Michael Rogers, who heads the NSA and US Cyber Command, that tackles all issues under the cyber defense and offense, paid a visit to the NCSC’s London headquarters this year, as a gesture of the close links between the services of US and UK.
The official stated that some countries like the UK  had a general practice of interference in the private sector that most probably “wouldn’t be tolerated as much” in the United States.

Mr. Ledgett opined that the problem is the US is much bigger and complex and concerned authorities lack unity of focus.

Established in 2016, the NCSC works in collaboration with other companies to manage various incidents, safeguard important services from cyber-threats and provide guidance to cope with this matter.

Responsibility for protecting the US private sector and keeping it from falling prey to any sort of cyber-attack rests on NSA, the FBI, the National Guard and the CIA.

Source: https://www.ft.com/content/e40ee0f2-1cce-11e8-aaca-4574d7dabfb6


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