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Eastern Universities Announce Cybersecurity Alliance

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Case Western Reserve, Cleveland State, and Mercyhurst universities have established the North Coast Cyber Research and Training Alliance to promote cyber-security education and training programs in Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania. This is a result of the fact that cyber-security issues have been taking over the internet with malicious acts that leave individual’s information prone to hack and attack.

Caleb Pifer, the vice president of external relations and advancement at Mercyhurst was of the opinion that this alliance brings to its student’s table a wide range of intriguing projects and opportunities that are newly funded that will make sure that the students are able to confront all sort of problems related to cyber-security that they encounter with confidence and technique.

A cybersecurity lab and network-operations center are being built at Mercyhurst. This project is funded by the Cleveland-based national technology company MCPc. The lab is expected to support two new master’s programs in the subject of cyber-security and cyber-risk management. This is a way to educate the students in this particular field so that they can be well-equipped to encounter any such problems that they might encounter in the future.

Lee Fisher, the dean of CSU’s law school showed his concern regarding this particular issue and was pleased to contribute his strengths to this new alliance in terms of legal policy. He opined that this alliance will give birth to a workforce of students who will be equipped enough to deal with complex issues of cyber-security.

This collaboration tends to provide the expertise needed to cope with complex cyber-security issues across a wide range of application areas.

Ken Loparo, the Nord professor of engineering in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at CWRU stated that Case Western Reserve’s Case School of Engineering provides specialization in the security of devices that are embedded and also has an expertise insecure-cloud computing for cyber-physical systems.

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