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Vernon Hosts Cyber Security Exercise

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A cyber-security exercise was organized in Vernon to educate and prepare police department, education, and municipal officials for any cyber-attack that they might encounter.

Recently, local authorities of the area gathered for a cyber-security training exercise that was to be held at a regional level. This exercise was organized at the Vernon Police Department.

About 50 participants from the area of Vernon, mostly the municipal and police officials (Superintendents, Troopers, and staff members of schools) were present at the venue to attend this exercise.

Vernon Police Department and the Department of Emergency and Risk Management (Vernon) co-hosted this table-top exercise. This was achieved in collaboration with the Connecticut Intelligence Center and the state Homeland Security officials.

This effective table-top training exercise created a multi-dimensional cyber-attack that impacted the town of Vernon very efficiently.

Michael Purcaro, the administrator of Vernon said the timing at which this exercise was held was very appropriate, especially considering the severity of this cyber-risk problem (in reference to the cyber-security issue that shut down the state judicial computer system network a few days ago)

He was of the opinion that if the whole issue is viewed from a risk management standpoint, there has been a recent surge in the frequency and intensity of cyber-threats across the entire nation. Be it our daily life or our local government operations, they all rely on a cyber-space that is resilient and reliable. Moreover, cyber-security is constantly changing to come up to the evolving techniques of hackers and attackers. For all these reasons, Vernon constantly assesses and improves its information security programs by taking all the measures that it can, including the conduction of cyber-security training programs.

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