Binance Takes A Step Forward, Gives Details on the Binance Hacker

Cryptocurrency exchange giant, Binance, has been a victim of several hacking attempts and attacks in the last few months. It has been trying to catch the hackers for a while, but looks like it finally got its hands on the Binance hacker.  

Recently, a hacking group entered the network to manipulate the functioning of crypto-market by all means. However, the attacks attempted on Binance were unsuccessful. Nonetheless, to curb it, the company announced a hacker bounty to get rid of manipulation and thefts at the earliest.

In recent news, the company provided an update regarding its hacker bounty. It is not the first time that the cryptocurrency market experienced phishing attacks. Binance believes that there is a ‘professional’ hacking group working behind the scenes, as the attacks do not seem to be the work of a single individual.

In its continued investigation, Binance not only found out that there is a hacking group involved, but also identified a few domains that were responsible for phishing attacks.

Most of these phishing domains are ranked higher on search engines such as Google due to their paid advertising campaigns. As of yet, it is not clear whether these domain are achieving higher ranks from Google’s advertising option. Regardless, the group is certainly utilizing such domains to target Binance.

While the company has not revealed the group’s identity, rumours are that it will soon give more information on it. Experts are also hopefully that this move will prevent other hackers from attempting such hacks.


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