Denmark Is Amongst The Countries That Suffer From Lowest Numbers Of Cyber Attacks, According To A Report.

Based on the study of data from 400 billion emails and 18 million websites, Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report declares Denmark as a country that falls victim to the fewest cyber attacks.

Microsoft Denmark director said that consumers, vocational and communal institutions in the Scandinavian country must continue to emphasize heavily on cyber security, despite the positive perspective of the report from a Danish point of view, given the country’s distinction as a highly digitized society.

He further explained that establishment of strong security procedures, a good security culture; use of modern technological solutions along with a look for insights into the threat picture is momentous for companies.

Microsoft Denmark’s director of security and technology “Ole Kjeldsen” told Ritzau that it is also paramount for the organizations that they put together a policy for how they not only safeguard themselves against attacks but also how they encounter a cyber criminal getting in behind the walls.

Ole Kjeldsen declared that no ransomware-type outbreak was traced to Danish computers but still it is not for sure that none actually had taken place.

Kjeldsen declared the last few years to have come along with some serious headlines about large, universal organizations being hit by malware affecting the bottom line. He painted a picture of more barbaric hackers with more refined equipment at their disposal and advised the organizations to always stay conscious of current cyber security threats and plan strategies to cope cyber attacks they meet.

400 billion emails, 450 billion logins and 18 million websites are scanned by Microsoft every month for security breaches.

The information from data ranging the period between February 2017 and January 2018 is the basis of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

Source: Thelocal

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