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Portions of the Cambridge Analytica data from Facebook users is still circulating

by Harikrishna Mekala

According to the report from yesterday’s Channel 4 News, It is stated that Channel 4 has seen the data dating back to 2014. Which had connections to the Trump campaign and may have used it to inform election ad targeting. The cache of campaign data from a Cambridge Analytica source, details 136,000 individuals in the US state of Colorado, along with each person’s personality and psychological profile.

Cambridge Analytica is still under investigation from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, furthermore the company has volunteered to undergo an independent third-party to clear its name. The Company’s CEO Alexander Nix has been Suspended and is currently facing a “Full Independent Investigation” of his comments made to undercover Channel 4 journalists.

“We have never passed any data from GSR to an external party. After Facebook contacted us in December 2015 we deleted all GSR data and took appropriate steps to ensure that any copies of the data were deleted,” reads the statement Cambridge Analytica provided to Channel 4. “This includes our lawyers taking action in late 2014 against a number of former staff members who had stolen data and intellectual property from the company. These former staff members each signed an undertaking promising that they had deleted all such material. It is untrue that we failed to take appropriate measures to ensure that GSR data were deleted.”

In a statement addressing the recent revelations that Cambridge Analytica has not deleted the data and Facebook has promised that it will be working with the company to make sure the user data is wiped completely despite Cambridge Analytica confirming publicly that they no longer have the data.

Facebook’s Vice President Paul Grewal Told:

“The ICO has launched an investigation into Cambridge Analytica and we are assisting with this. We want to assure people that we have suspended Cambridge Analytica from Facebook”

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Source: Channel4, TheVerge

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