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Russia has blocked 1.8 Million IP addresses of Google and Amazon to block Telegram

by Harikrishna Mekala

The Russian telecommunications community has blocked 1.8 Million IP address belonging to Amazon Web Serves and Google Cloud Platform. Google was also affected since Telegram tried to move their cloud infrastructure from AWS to Google Cloud Platform over the weekend.

On April 13th Telegram refused to handover their user’s encryption keys to the FSB which led to the Russian court ruling Telegram be banned from the country. Telegram quickly tried to move their services from AWS to Google Cloud Platform however the government blocked the IP address of the Google platform the very next week.

Many users ridiculed Roskomnadzor’s judgment on social media, and for good reason, as the move to mass-ban so many IP addresses had subsequent repercussions as many other unrelated web services have also been affected. Users experienced many online games, mobile apps, and cryptocurrency services going dark over the course of the day.

The block has also disrupted some of the online gaming services in the country.

So our blessed government blocked a bunch of Amazon IP addresses because they were used to circumvent the block on the Telegram messaging app. As a result, a whole bunch of MMOs and other multiplayer games using Amazon IPs stopped working. Idiocy still reigns supreme.

The block has also caused to disrupt some businesses like Coinface. The company tweeted saying,

Dear users, due to the blocking of @telegram on the territory of Russia Roskomnadzor blocked more than 2 million IP addresses of Amazon where our servers are included, perhaps the Coinface application will temporarily be unavailable in Russia.

Here is the range of the IP address blocked

The government has failed to block Telegram whilst also accidentally disrupting many other servers causing havoc on Twitter.

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Source: BleepingComputer

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