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Reports Claim Iranian Government Involvement in Hacking Political Activist Figures

by Unallocated Author

Iranian hackers recently hacked accounts of different civil and political activists in the country. Other than this many individuals holding dual nationalities and living abroad were also hacked, as per a report by the Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. The report seems to suggest that this time it is Iranian government hacking others.

The report, released on Saturday, April 28th, states that the attacks took place within Iran about two weeks ago and mainly targeted social media accounts of several known individuals. Other than this, some emails were also apparently hacked.

While the report did not highlight any names, it stated that the victims resided in different areas including Tehran and California. It is also believed that all the victims had some kind of a connection with individuals that were already in custody in Iran or were recently arrested in the country.

Abbas Edalat, a British-Iranian national was arrested in Tehran earlier this week on baseless accusation, according to the report. Edalat, a professor at London Imperial College, actively campaigned to stop war and sanctions against Iran.

February saw a number of activists being arrested which caused many to fly out the country. Victims seem to have filed a complaint, but received no proper response. It is believed that some very powerful tools were used to hack into the accounts, such tools are normally only available to intelligence and  telecommunications agencies.

Some victims claim that their SIMs were also hacked, which shows state involvement as only state would have access to the SIM. Iran had previously been caught hacking into US banks, but the cause behind this hack seems to be unknown.

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