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NHS And Microsoft Reach Cyber-Security Deal

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The UK Government Department of Health and Social Care has agreed to a deal with Microsoft that will enable all NHS organizations to use Windows 10. This will help them strengthen their defenses against cyber-attacks in the future.

This deal is indicative of a period where cyber-attacks are running riot and health services are increasingly vulnerable all over the world. All over the globe people are busy protecting their machines and technologies from these cyber-criminals who based on recent articles, have a renewed interest in healthcare industries.

Last year, NHS hospitals and businesses all across the globe were pulled into the chaos caused by WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks.

Cindy Rose who is the CEO of Microsoft UK said that, “The importance of helping to protect the NHS from the growing threat of cyber-attacks cannot be overstated. The introduction of a centralized Windows 10 agreement will ensure a consistent approach to security that also enables the NHS to rapidly modernize its IT infrastructure.”

She further adds saying, “This agreement ensures NHS staff have the best tools available to help with the incredible work they do, ultimately enabling them to deliver even greater patient care.”

This deal between Microsoft and the UK’s National Health Service will aim to prevent such attacks from being carried out again and this change will ensure that an unsupported computer system will now be supported and therefore fortified against future threats.

The chief executive at NHS digital, Sarah Wilkinson said that, “We welcome the Secretary of State’s commitment to prioritize cyber security. The new Windows Operating System has a range of advanced security and identity protection features that will help us to keep NHS systems and data safe from attack. This is one of a suite of measures we are deploying to protect the service from cyber-attack.”

This deal is the latest step towards stronger cyber security and is after the UK Government disclosed their plans to spend £150m on Cyber-security in the next three years which you can read more about here.

The question will be how quickly can the new deal be implemented in such a large and outdated system and with determined cyber criminals setting their sights on healthcare industries, just how safe are the NHS going to be after implementing Windows 10.

Let us know your thoughts.

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