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Lawsuit Filed Against 2 Hacker Students For Hacking 500 Indian Websites

by Unallocated Author

Two expert hackers, belonging to the controversial region of Kashmir, were recently caught for cyber criminal activities in India. Adil Hussain and Shahid Malla are said to be a part of a large anti-India hacking group called Hackers Third Eye.

When authorities carried out an investigation in their homes, they found sim cards, cell phones, laptops and memory gadgets. Upon investigation, it was found that the group they are working for is responsible for hacking more than 500 Indian websites, including that of the Indian government’s.

Was The Remaining Cluster Caught?

Not yet but the Delhi authorities have been working on investigating the sim cards and the data found from the laptops and other gadgets to tie loose ends and tail the hacking group. It was also revealed that their agenda was to track the money sources by illegal means.


As of now, no punishment is spoken of but a lawsuit has been filed against both the hackers for conducting criminal schemes.

The Bottomline

Indian authorities have said that the group Hackers Third Eye might have been funded from Pakistan. However, there appears to be no evidence to support this allegation. The team is working hard to find the rest of the gang members as well, most of which are said to be in India.

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