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Twitter Secretly Testing Message Encryption

by Harikrishna Mekala

Twitter Inc is currently testing a secret encrypted messaging feature that will completely encrypt the messages between the Twitter users. The feature was found by Jane Manchun Wong after seeing the Twitter Android App. The company hasn’t given an official response regarding the feature but it clearly is known that company is currently testing for a small subset of users. The feature is listed as “Secret Conversation” with a facility to view their encryption keys.

Twitter appears to be aiming to protect its user more than present and we also note that this particular feature was originally requested by Edward Snowden at the end of 2016.  APKs often contain code for unlaunched specialities that businesses are quietly testing or will soon make open. A Twitter spokesperson refused to discuss on the record. It’s unclear how long it might be before Twitter formally launches the feature, but at least we know it’s been built.

Twitter has a lot of pressure from the users because of not encrypting the messages, the company has gone from “thinking about” the feature to prototyping it. There is an option to start a secret conversation and view both your own and your conversation partner’s encryption keys to verify a secure connection. Twitter has been the best platform to contact strangers without needing their phone number and address. The company has started the open messaging mediums but encryption was not applied until now which gives the government agencies freedom to spy on your messages.

Twitter has been effective in facilitating many political debates and even uprisings among the people. If anyone has worried about political disagreement might lead to the trouble they have used apps like Signal and Telegram which offers encryption end-to-end to the users.

Many experts are thinking that launching End-to-End encryption in Twitter will bring users back to the platform.

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