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Thales Entering the UAE and Middle Easter Region With Cyber Hub Plan

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A technology and services provider to the defense, aerospace, transportation and security markets, Thales, has recently announced a cyber-security hub in Dubai that will provide its services to the UAE and the Middle East region.

Local organizations are progressively adopting a cyber-security approach as they now realize how terrible the consequences can be without one.

This cyber-hub will make use of Thales local expertise and also use established methods along with cyber training, simulation along with threat intelligence to be a center of brilliance for cyber consulting services within the region.

Vice president of Thales, cyber security, Middle East, Gary Miller says that their firm is not in the process of hiring a team and will have around 35 new professionals for the hub by next year.

He added saying, “If the market demand increases, then we will increase the way we recruit. We will be using world-leading methodologies that we have developed in the UK and Paris. We spend around 20 percent of our revenue on R&D. This way we have niche products and methodologies.”

According to Miller, it is very important to understand the maturity of cyber-awareness.

He adds saying, “We spend significant resources in advance threat intelligence – anticipating the threat before it happens. We have our own white hat hackers, where we get them to think like hackers to identify vulnerabilities.”

This cyber-hub will initially be a consulting-led organization.

Miller says, “We are here to understand the specific needs of this region and make sure that we deliver offers, advice, technology and insight methodologies that are specifically aligned to this market. Cyber-security is a major challenge for the whole world.”

He also adds saying,

“There is no region that is perfectly safe from security threats. However, we are developing an ecosystem and working collaboratively with academia, SMEs, start-ups as well as established businesses to improve our anticipation of those threats together. We are improving our abilities to eliminate the threat once it is known and the ability of our business to be able to respond to those threats in a timely manner.”


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