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Starbucks Mobile Payment Used More Than Apple and Google Pay

by Harikrishna Mekala

Research was conducted by eMarketer on 55 Million US Mobile phone users over the age of 14 to know which payment system was used and the findings show that 40% of the users have used Starbucks Mobile Payments Application. The Starbucks app was launched before Apple, Google and Samsung Pay and has been successful among their customers. The application lets users pay from their phones and for every transaction, the users receive credits for freebies and future purchases. All in all the companies Order-and-Pay system accounted for 12% of all US transactions.

The app has 23.4 Million users in the US itself and more than 14.9 Million customers are part of Starbucks rewards program which only counts regularly active users and customers also don’t have to be rewards members to make purchases using the app. The total user base has reached 24 Million users and it is predicted to grow to around 30 Million by 2022. The popularity of the application is due to the early adoption and maintaining the rendition of the customers by good rewards program. The Starbucks in-store mobile payment app is available for both iOS and Android but the customers of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are restricted to what phone they have.

At present Apple Pay is accepted by more than 50% of US merchants according to the data but Google Pay is less popular even though it comes preinstalled in Android phones. While Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted Payment System with 80% of the merchants in the US accepting it according to eMarketer’s calculations but is the least used.

The results tally up as follows;

  • The Starbucks app gets in first place with an expected 23.4 million mobile payment users in 2018
  • Apple Pay mobile payments takes in second with an expected 22 million users this year
  • Google Pay takes in third place with an expected 11.1 million users this year
  • Samsung Pay takes in fourth place with an expected 9.9 million users this year

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