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North Korean Hackers Posted Infected Apps on Playstore to Hack Data of Defectors

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Most of the hacking news we’ve been hearing lately had one name in common, the Lazarus group, but not any more. An old  player is back in town, The Sun Team.

They were responsible for malware attacks on websites back in January. This time, they posted 3 infected apps on Playstore to get revenge on users who had defected from North Korea.

It wasn’t known that the app was infected until 100 downloads were completed and Google was told privately about these infected apps.

It wasn’t the first time that someone posted infected apps on Playstore, as it seems to be an easy way to get access to users.

Who Are The Hackers And How Did The Apps Work?

They go by the name of The Sun Team and were successful at uploading 3 apps to hack users. The apps were called:

  • The Food Ingredients Unfo (offered information on food).
  • Fast App Lock (to make apps secured).
  • Fast App Lock Free (again for security purposes).

However, the real motive behind making and uploading these apps was to pass malware into Android devices that downloaded and installed the program.

The data that might have been hacked with the apps include user photos, addresses, text messages, call recordings, contacts etc.

After the malware was uploaded, it accessed data through Dropbox and Yandex which allowed the hackers to pass commands and install plugin files for controllability.

The Bottomline

These hackers must be stopped and government should take strict actions to apprehend them.

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