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Visa Card Payment System Crash – Services Now ‘Close To Normal’

by Abeerah Hashim
Visa card payment system crashed

If you have just faced an embarrassing failed payment through your Visa card, then don’t worry. You aren’t the only victim who apparently ‘ran out of balance’. In fact, millions of Visa customers faced the same annoying situation across Europe on Friday, when the Visa Card payment system crashed unexpectedly, meaning the users were unable to complete their payments. Apparently, the customers were declined in such a way as if they had insufficient funds in their accounts.

Visa Card Payment System Crashed And Troubled Users Across Europe

On Friday, at around 2.30 p.m., Visa customers across Europe starting facing major troubles while making their payments. They couldn’t complete their shopping or any other payments through their debit/credit cards as the Visa Card payment system crashed unexpectedly.

Since it was entirely unpredicted, the customers had no idea what to do next after facing recurrent failed payments. Their payments declined in the same way as they would in case of insufficient funds. However, the Visa authorities were quick enough to inform their customers about the system disruption.

On the other hand, right after the problem, frustrated Visa customers flooded Twitter with angry tweets. They couldn’t pay their bills at shops, cafes, service stations, and many other places that accept Visa cards.

Visa Services Are Now Recovering From The Hardware System Failure

Initially, people suspected a cyber attack on the payment system. However, five hours after the Visa Card payment system crashed, a Visa spokesperson denied any cyber attack, and confirmed it as a mere ‘hardware failure’.

“The issue was the result of hardware failure. We’ve no reason to believe this was associated with any unauthorized access or malicious event.”

Since ATMs worked fine, it seems that the problem apparently lay somewhere within the online payment modes.  Even the cash withdrawals worked seemingly fine.

Visa authorities have apologized from their customers due to this trouble. They restate their vision of providing impeccable services to their customers through a tweet.

Although they claim to be close to regular operations, yet, the Visa users should take some cash with them to avoid such issues until the Visa services become entirely normal. Visa officials are still investigating the matter. Let’s hope they can resolve this mystery quickly!

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