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Airgeddon – A Swiss Army WiFi Hacking Tool

by Unallocated Author
Airgeddon wifi hacking tool

Today LHN have been looking at Airgeddon, on initial inspection it seems to be a multi purpose all-in-one Swiss army knife tool for hacking WiFi, the tool is pretty extensive, with over 11 thousand lines of bash goodness. This tool is free to download from GitHub and supports multiple Linux based platforms.

So what does it do?

The tool supports multiple methodologies for hacking WiFi, some of which include:

  • WEP All-in-One attack (combining different techniques: Chop-Chop, Caffe Latte, ARP Replay, Hirte, Fragmentation, Fake association, etc.)
  • Evil Twin attacks (Rogue AP) with Hostapd + DHCP + DoS + Ettercap + Sslstrip and also BEEF support
  • Multiple WPS cracking modes – Pixie Dust, Bully and Reaver
  • Offline password decrypting for WPA/WPA2 captured handshakes (dictionary, bruteforce and rule based) based on aircrack, crunch and hashcat tools.

Cool!, any other features?

Other notable features include:

  • Support for 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ bands
  • Assisted Handshake file capturing
  • Drag and drop files on console window for entering file paths
  • Controlled Exit. Cleaning tasks and temp files. Restoring iptables after an attack that require changes on them. Option to keep monitor mode if desired on exit

What platforms can it run on?

The tool is compatible on any Linux distribution that has the necessary tools installed needed to run. ideally Kali would be the best candidate for running it out of the box, but it can be run on Arch if you enjoy a challenge, the script will check for any tool dependencies it is missing when first run.

What does it look like?

As you might expect with any bash script related tool, it offers intuitive menus and options that could allow even the most harebrained skiddy a way to easily perform a wide range of Wifi attacks… nice!.

Here is an example of one of the menus offering WPS hacking options:

Airgeddon wifi hacking tool











Script kiddy jokes aside, the tool does offer a wide range of methodologies for performing WiFi hacking engagements in a concise manner. We liked the simplicity of the interface and additional features that take the donkey work out of capturing handshakes and running multiple tools individually. Try the tool for yourself HERE.

What Bunny rating does it get?

We have decided to give this tool a very respectable bunny rating of 4/5 bunnies
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Get in touch with us via the contact form if you would like us to look at any other GitHub ethical hacking tools.

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