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Fortnum And Mason Hacked: 23,000 Customers Data Breached

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Fortnum And Mason is an upmarket department store in London with many branches in different states. A cyber attack has led to a huge customer information leak from the website putting data of thousands of customers at risk.

Department stores getting hacked is not something new, but this is one of the biggest hacks of this year that includes a known department store.

Fortnum And Mason Hacked: Who Is Affected?

The website contained a survey form to gain customer information. There were about 23,000 people who completed the survey and fed their data into it including phone numbers and addresses. It is believed that all these people are at risk. However, the good thing is that it did not include any financial information.

Fortnum And Mason Hacked: How Did The Hack Happen?

Typeform is a company that conducts surveys via forms. A third party hacked into their database and downloaded information, however, the company says to have fixed the breach.

Fortnum And Mason Hacked: What Are The Damages?

According to Fortnum And Mason, no passwords or bank accounts have been leaked. The hackers only got their hands on social handles, addresses and contact information of customers.

Fortnum And Mason says that the hack was not done on their website but through the survey form carried out by Typeform. The company has closed and removed all kinds of typeforms from the website and won’t be bringing them back until security protocols are in place.

Fortnum And Mason Hacked: The Bottomline

So far, no major damage has been done by the people who were involved but one never knows what they can do. Many believe that these details might just get sold on the market to marketing companies.

It is important that such companies should look into the security because customers’ privacy and wealth depends on it.

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