London Metropolitan Police Confirms Facial Recognition Trial Was Unsuccessful

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The London Metropolitan Police have admitted their facial recognition software has been unsuccessful since no official arrests have been made since running the facial recognition technology trial. The Independent has revealed that facial recognition was meant to be implemented across London by the end of this year. The method was meant to be used for identifying wanted violent criminals.

While the observers did not see how many people were questioned by the facial recognition system Scotland Yard has confirmed that they were no arrests by using the facial recognition system. The superintendent Bernie Galopin advised that;

“This deployment formed an important part of ongoing trials and a full review of its use will take place once they have been completed.

Hannah Couchman is an advocacy and policy officer at Liberty who has monitored Thursdays trial and had access to the Met’s operation room said that they had only a single match in two hours of deployment. Ms Couchman also said that what has happened was quite frustrating for all the department.

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