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Typeform Data Breach Update: More Firms Affected

by Abeerah Hashim

Reportedly, Typeform stopped “unauthorized access” to its system within 30 minutes from the initial observation. Nonetheless, the hackers seem to have accessed a huge database within this short time. At least, this is what the trail of media releases indicate as those affected by the Typeform data breach continue to report about the incident.

More Customers Affected By Typeform Data Breach

Those affected by the Typeform data breach include a large chunk of their customers as evident from the recurrent reports. Today, we mention a few more of the firms affected in the incident.


After being notified by Typeform, PostShift released an official statement on their website. According to their statement, the breach has affected 230 ‘public diagnostic test users’. The breached data includes the victims’ email addresses and the data provided in the survey forms.

“Please note that only the public-facing Diagnostic Test, accessible from our website, was impacted by Typeform’s breach. Our more extensive private Diagnostic Test, and any data contained in private versions used by our clients, was not accessed.”

The firm has informed all those affected regarding the breach via emails. PostShift was among the initial victims of Typeform data breach who independently reported about the incident, besides the Tasmanian Electoral Commision (TEC).

80,000 Hours

The career advice provider 80,000 hours also suffered a privacy breach through the Typeform data hack. As revealed in the official notice on their website, the breach data included the details of 8300 individuals. This data includes names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, university affiliations of the users, and their career interests. However, it includes no financial details.

80,000 Hours informed all the affected individuals via separate emails, and have also apologized publicly in the notice.

“We take protecting personal data extremely seriously, and we are very sorry that our users have been affected by this incident. When we discovered this incident, we immediately began a thorough investigation. Since then we have notified relevant authorities including the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, which is now investigating the breach.”

Like most other victims, the firm is also reviewing its relationship with Typeform in future.


As mentioned in their blog post, the Typeform data breach also affected Revolut users. On July 2, 2018, Revolut received confirmation from Typeform about the breach of approx. 11,000 users’ data. After receiving the information, Revolut quickly informed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about the matter.

The company assures that the breached data included no sensitive details.

“We would like to assure our customers that no sensitive data, such as personal account details or passwords, have been compromised in this breach. Upon reviewing previous surveys, we have only ever asked for details such as your email address and Twitter handle.”

Revolut is a digital banking alternative that also deals with crypto. The UK-based firm has announced ending the relationship with Typeform after the incident.

“Until such a time as Typeform’s security is massively enhanced, we have decided to end our relationship with the company over this matter. We will also be demanding that they permanently delete all Revolut customer data from their servers.”

The firm has already informed all of its affected customers regarding the breach. They also apologize over the matter.

Previously Reported Typeform Breach Victims From UK

As we said earlier, the Typeform data breach has certainly affected a large number of Typeform clients from the UK. The previous reports mentioned about Fortnum and Mason – an well established food retailer in London, suffering from a breach of 23,000 customers’ information; Monzo – a famous name in the banking sector, Travelodge – UK based chain of hotels, and the Liberal Democrat Party. Who knows what other names might be added to this list in the upcoming days!

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