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Software Company VSDC Website Hacked and Used to Serve Malware to Downloaders

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VSDC, an audio/video converting and editing software, was recently under major attack. Hackers were able to hack the website hosting the download links and inject three different kinds of malware, namely, infostealer, keylogger and remote access trojan (RAT) within the download link on the website.

What Information Is Stolen?

Hackers have carefully chosen three types of malware that can give them access to a lot of information on a device.

The infostealer embedded in the website can recover Telegram and Steam passwords. It can also steal Skype chats, Electrum wallet data and capture screenshots from the compromised system.

The keylogger records keystrokes including passwords. This also means hackers can see all messages a victim sends. All in all, no login details would be secure thanks to this system.

In addition to this, RAT permits hackers full control of the victim’s PC, giving them access to files stored on a computer.

How Did The Hackers Hack The Site?

JavaScript was placed by hackers on a file made to look exactly like the VSDC software. Upon downloading it, a Powershell script is downloaded on to the computer which installs the malware without warning to the user.

What Does VSDC Have To Say about this Hacking Incident?

The VSDC project manager said to media that hackers did hit their website and may have indeed stolen information from users, however, the site is now secure and the infected file has been removed.

Hacking VSDC: The Bottomline

So far, it’s not clear how many users were compromised and what kind of damage they had to face. It’s important to scan files with AV as well as upload to sites like VirusTotal when suspicious of a files origin.

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