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Utah Online Voters Database Being Attacked More Than A Billion Times A Day

by Harikrishna Mekala

Following former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s decision to make a play for the US Senate, the Utah online voter registration database has been attacked more than one billion times per day. The election director Justin Lee advised that the one billion attempts a day, which are equivalent to more than 12000 attempts per second, are a result of increased scrutiny of the state’s election system since the confirmation that Romney was to be the Republican candidate.

There is not much information about the hacks that took place but most of the experts believe there is a link to Romneys nomination along with his well publicized opinions of Donald Trump and Russia which would have contributed to the significant record-breaking network attacks.

A local report from a news company named Desert News said that there is no way to determine the responsible parties for all the breach attempts but that they agreed that the outspoken candidate would have had an affect;

We’d been kind of a low-profile state when it comes to elections and now suddenly we’re very high-profile.

There is still the ongoing allegation that Russian hackers were involved in the 2016 US Presidential Race and the senate race is sure to generate some controversies of its own but a key aspect not to let go unnoticed is that Lee and a team of 30 computer experts are still holding off 1 billion attacks on the database per day and that’s what called impressive an matter where your affiliations are.

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