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Opera Browser Update: Install Extensions Directly From Chrome Store

by Harikrishna Mekala

Opera has released a beta version of the browser which allows the users to install Chrome extensions directly from the Google Chrome Store with just a click. Before this the users of Opera browser had to use a special extension that will install Chrome extensions for the Opera browser which was developed by the Opera team itself.

The latest version of Opera browser will allow the Chrome extensions to be directly installed from the client’s computer, back in 2013 the Opera team dropped its proprietary JavaScript Engine for Google’s open source Chromium project. All the old Opera add-ons will continue to work on the browser and the support will not be ended soon.

The Opera 55 beta is to be moved to the stable channel in the next one or two months which gives the developers of Opera add-ons to move to the native Chrome’s add-ons. If you want to currently install the chrome add-ons in your browser you can do it by installing the special extension from the Opera’s website. Once the extension is installed you can directly install the add-ons of Chrome browser to Opera.

The Opera team has also included a small nugget that was designed for the Opera’s settings section which mimics the Chrome’s settings page. The Opera has also ported the badges that appear in the Chrome when the users click on the green icon lock. The users can also use this feature to know the information of the SSL certificate which is changed per site basis and the same feature was also added to Chrome.

We don’t know this decision will turn out to be in the future as Opera completely becomes dependent on the Chrome’s Store although it is good to have their own store in case Google tries to ban the Opera browser clients in their store.

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